You will add a Tag as a hidden field in the form and will set up a Tag Rule to automate an action from the form submission.

Adding a Tag in the Form -- 

Click into the existing form you would like to edit, or create a new form. In the Fields step of the builder, select Add New Hidden Field and Tag:

In the value dropdown, you will see a list of all tags in your Hatchbuck database. Select the appropriate tag:

Creating a Tag Rule --

  • Navigate to Tools > Rules > + New Rule
  • Choose Tag Rule
  • Name your Tag Rule.
  • Select the same tag you selected in the popup form.
  • Set the score that the tag should reach to trigger automation. Since we are automating based off a form submission, choose a score of "1." This means that the tag rule will trigger as soon as the contact submits the form.
  • Click Continue. Now it's time to decide what you want this tag rule to trigger. Add as many automated actions as you wish, but make sure they make sense for the form that was submitted.

** Remember: These automations will trigger immediately when the contact meets the parameters you defined. 

Example --

We have a resource download popup on our website and would like to automate actions once a visitor submits their information.

First, we added Tag as a hidden group field in our Resource Download form and selected the existing tag, travel resource download:

Back in Hatchbuck, we headed to Tools > Rules and created a new tag rule that identifies the tag "travel resource download" at a score of "1."

When that tag reaches a score of 1, we will automate the resource email to send and the contact will be started on the travel campaign:

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