Hatchbuck will automatically remove any contacts from future email sends who unsubscribe or complain of spam via the footer of your emails, but we do not remove them from your database.

To find these contacts, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Contact List View
  • Use the Filter button and then Contacts > Email Deliverability
  • Click "is unsubscribed" or "complained of spam" and select the teal "Add" button
  • Click the Close & Apply button to see your filtered list

If you'd like to delete or export these contacts, follow these steps:

  • Select all contacts by checking the very first box in the row header
  • Hatchbuck will popup a dark green bar that asks if you would like to include all contacts, or a certain number of contacts. Select all, and verify the number in parenthesis matches the number in green
  • Click the orange Actions dropdown and select "show more"
  • Click "Export Contacts" if you don't want to lose their data, and then go back into the Actions dropdown and select "Delete Contacts" to remove them from your system. 

If a contact notifies you that they have unintentionally unsubscribed, here is how to re-subscribe them: 

**WARNING: ONLY do this if they have specifically reached out and asked you to.

  • Search for the specific contact.
  • There will be a dark green bar at the top of the screen. On the right-hand side, click Re-subscribe.
  • You will get a warning about the terms of service and will have to confirm you would like to re-subscribe them.
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