There are a couple of reasons your company information may not appear in the email footer.

  1. Sending Test Emails
    If you are sending a test email using the Send Test button, merge fields will not populate.
  2. Sending To One Contact
    The footer will not populate for one-off emails sent out of Hatchbuck when using the basic editor (text-based). 

So when does the footer populate?
Your company info and footer will always appear when using the drag & drop editor, when sending to more than one person using the basic editor, AND when you have an email set up to send automatically (like in response to a form being filled out).

To edit your company info, go to Account Settings > Account > Company.

To see what the company information in your footer will look like, send an email to two or more contacts in your database (including yourself).

More on Footers —

Basic Editor
The basic editor footer cannot be edited. Every email sent out is in a standard format, pulling from the company information set in your account settings. The footer only populates if sent to two or more people.

Drag & Drop Editor
The drag & drop editor provides many different footer layouts to choose from while building your email. This footer will always populate.

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