The best way to see which email templates perform the best for your clients is to test them. In the marketing world, this is called A/B Testing.

Here's how it works:

Take your information and develop two or more email templates that display the information differently. For example, build one in the Basic Builder that is simple text-based and use the Drag and Drop builder to develop a newsletter-style version.

From your Contact List View, select a list of Contacts to receive this information.

Click the Send Email button.

Select My Email Templates.

Select the 2 (or more) templates you want to test against each other and select Continue.

You will then receive this message. Select Run Test to continue. Now you have a test group!

To review how the two emails performed against each other, pull the Email by Template Report.

By A/B testing you can start to see what emails perform best with your contacts. Be sure to use this information for better results.

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