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Hatchbuck Permissions allow you to control what your users are able to see and do in the database. To access user permissions:

Select Account Settings > Account > Users

You can edit permissions for any of your current users

The column User Account displays the type of user [standard, admin, account owner, invited, restricted]

  • Standard - basic user in Hatchbuck
  • Admin - system administrator
  • Account Owner - ability to see all that administrator sees and update billing or subscription information
  • Restricted - not allowed to view/edit or not allowed to delete other users' contacts, companies & deals

Select Edit Permissions to change that individual's access

  • Checkbox for system administrator
  • Permissions check boxes for login, exporting data
  • Sending on behalf of others (ability to send emails out of Hatchbuck from other users)
  • View/editing other users' records (ability to view or edit other user's contacts, companies & deals)
  • Deleting other users' records (ability to delete other users' contacts, companies & deals)

Depending on the permissions the account admin provided, you may be restricted from viewing certain information for contacts, companies, and deals. Learn more about that here.

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