Whether you’re sending a monthly email to your list at large, or sending a strategic prospecting campaign, you need all the help you can get to boost engagement and turn emails into revenue.

That’s where emojis come in.

They aren’t just fun word bling, nope. These cute and funny conversation carriers can be gold for your email strategy.

In fact, Experian reported that emojis, or symbols can boost open rates:

Subject lines with symbols had a higher unique open rate in 56 percent of brands we analyzed.

How Can I Get Emojis in My Subject Line?

You can access your emoji keyboard from mobile, but what about when you’re on a desktop or laptop and sending business emails from a sales and marketing platform, like Hatchbuck?

We love Emojipedia for copying and pasting emojis. Simply find the emoji you want to use, click “Copy” and ctl+v (PC), cmd+v (Mac) or right-click > paste your emoji in your subject line.

Then, head on over to Hatchbuck, or your email marketing software of choice, to paste the emoji in the subject line.


That’s all there is to it.

Why Use Emojis in My Subject Line?

In an inbox bursting with email, emojis can help your subject line stand out from the crowd:


Just don’t get too crazy. Make sure you’re using emojis in a relevant way. Simply stuffing your email subject line with emojis won’t cut it.


Are Emojis Effective for B2B Emails?

Sure, hearts and smileys are great for B2C brands. But will your B2B audience take you seriously?

A study from the University of Missouri-St. Louis measured the impact emojis had on recipients’ perception of the sender. While some hypothesized that communicating in this informal manner would discredit the sender, the study indicated senders using two emoticons in an email were the most liked by the recipients.

Not only did emoticons help recipients like the sender more, but made them feel that the sender liked them more.

Results indicated that, when participants received e-mails with emoticons, regardless of 

the number of emoticons, they believed the sender liked them significantly more than

when participants received an e-mail with no emoticon,

In an automated, seemingly impersonal world, emojis just may be the key to creating personal connections through email.

You can learn more about using emojis in your email marketing on the Hatchbuck Blog.

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