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You will use the Basic Editor to build all your simple, text-based emails.

To create this type of email template, head to: Tools > Emails Templates > Start from Scratch > Basic Editor - Blank

Here are a few things to note as you build your basic email: 

Personalizing the Subject Line: Use the "personalize" drop-down here.

Personalizing the Body Copy:
Use the personalize menu in the formatting bar. 

This will pull information from each contact's record, no matter how many contacts you are sending to.

Inserting A Document: You won't be able to add attachments to emails in Hatchbuck, but you can insert them as a link. Which is much better! Now you can track who is opening your document and set automations to occur when a contact clicks the link. 

  • Upload your document to Tools > My Files, or upload the document on the fly when creating the email.
  • Remember to give the file a clear name, as this will be inserted as hyperlinked text in the email. 
  • You will now find your document in the My Files drop-down shown below.
  • That will drop in a link to your document that can be tracked!

Adding an image: Use the "Insert Image" button to add a photo to your email. 

Copying your text from somewhere else: Make sure to copy/paste into the appropriate box to strip out all hidden formatting. 

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