Note: Before you start, make sure that your survey has at least one question asking for the respondent's email address. This will be necessary to enter the information into Hatchbuck.

Here's how to get started:

  • Choose SurveyGizmo as your trigger app
  • Select the New Survey Response trigger.
  • To connect, type in the email address and password tied to your SurveyGizmo account.
  • Choose which survey you would like to use and select "yes" or "no" for whether or not you would like to send data from incomplete surveys.
  • Test by entering a dummy survey response to the quiz selected.
  • Choose Hatchbuck as your Action App
  • Select add a tag or Create / Update a Contact Record
  • Connect your Hatchbuck account by copy/pasting your API Key in the pop-up box provided. You can find this key in your Account Settings > Data > API

Now Set up your Zap:

  • Choose the tag you would like to add to your contacts in Hatchbuck
  • For First and Last Name, if you have a survey question asking for these - choose that as your coordinating field from SurveyGizmo
  • Do the same for email address. And choose an Email Type
  • Copy/paste the exact Contact Status from Hatchbuck that you would like to input for these contacts

Important: at this time you can only merge in one question's response.

Common issues: Contacts status does not match what is in Hatchbuck

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