Campaigns can be an amazing way to help nurture and educate your prospective customers on your brand and your products or services.

Things to Remember:

  • Have a purpose/goal. Don't just build a campaign to build it. Know where you are going to "land the plane." Is it brand awareness/education, an event, or selling a particular product/service?
  • Segment your campaigns. As soon as possible, send different information to different people based on indicated interests. You can do that with Tag Rules.
  • Start your campaigns early. The sweet spot is when people are just realizing they have a problem but are not ready to buy. Ask for their information in return for an eBook, whitepaper, or how-to guide related to your industry, and initiate a nurture campaign for them.
  • Give helpful, pitch-free content. In the beginning, you want to be a valuable resource. Then slowly integrate CTA's (calls-to-action) to get on a call, get a meeting on the calendar, or to buy your products/services.
  • Decrease the frequency of your communication. As you move through the campaign, decrease how often you are reaching out to the contacts.
  • Implement personal touches. Once contacts are warm, implement more personal touches. Perhaps a phone call engaging with them on their specific pain point or product/service interest.
  • Measure campaign performance. How is the campaign doing and which emails are performing best? You can always edit future steps to match what works best for your contacts.

Since developing great content is an essential building block of great campaigns, here are some articles to help with with that:

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For tactical help on how to build campaigns in the Hatchbuck system, click here.

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