Who should get certified?

The Partner Certification Program is great for Marketing Agencies and Marketing Consultants who want to add more value to their smaller clients while creating dependable, scaleable revenue.

How can BenchmarkONE add value to your clients?

With BenchmarkONE, your small business clients will be able to follow up with every lead, prospect and customer your programs deliver…all automatically. It’s a simple and affordable solution for your clients to convert the visitors you’ve helped drive to their website, blog and social media into meaningful conversations and customers.

What Does Partner Certification Include?

As a certified partner, you’ll learn the ins & outs of growing your recurring revenue with BenchmarkONE. Certification includes co-branding and access to a demo account so you can easily sell to new clients.

BenchmarkONE Partner Certification is $500 flat (no pesky renewal fees here!) and then a $199 monthly charge. That will include:  

  • 2 accounts (25,000 Contacts per account + Unlimited Users)
  • Dedicated Agency Consultant
  • Demo Database
  • Manage Default Settings Across Accounts
  • Custom Template Library

Plus, get $500 for every partner you refer!

As a partner, you’ll also receive priority placement in the BenchmarkONE Market where you can tap into new clients to grow your business. You’ll get your brand in front of small businesses who need help from a BenchmarkONE expert, like you.

Ready to become a partner? Please reach out to your original sales representative to get started or contact Katie, our Partner Success Manager at partner@hatchbuck.com

Not sure who your original sales rep is? Give us a call at 866-991-4888 ext. 1 or send an email to sales@hatchbuck.com.

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