There are two reasons you might be here:

  1. You are a BenchmarkONE Partner and need to set up your new Co-Branding
  2. You are not a BenchmarkONE Partner, but are interested in upgrading to a co-branded version of BenchmarkONE.

If you're a new BenchmarkONE Partner: 

  1. If you haven’t already done so, activate your demo account through the activation email that was sent to you after filling out the Partner Sign-Up Page.
  2. Make sure you are in your Demo Database account. You can change which account you are in from the circle drop-down found at the upper right hand when logged into BenchmarkONE (it will have your initials in the circle). From the drop-down, choose 'account' and select the account you would like to log into.
  3. Access your Partner Portal via the upper right-hand drop -down
  4. Upload and fill-out all required fields to complete your co-branded account; change your logos here if you wish

Non-Partner Co-Brand Upgrade

  1. Please reach out to your original sales representative if you are interested in upgrading your monthly account to a co-branded account.

Not sure who your original sales rep is? Give us a call at 866-991-4888 ext. 1 or send an email to

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